Problems with Microsoft Robotics Studio 4.0 Beta 2 and Lego Mindstorm NXT 2.0

This year I am studying my Honours in IT at the University of Johannesburg, South Africa. I decided to take on the task of programming the Lego Mindstorm robot in MRDS, it seemed relatively easy but believe me its complicated.

I have tried a few tutorials but I am having problems making the Robot actually do anything. Don’t get me wrong the VPL is very simple to use, got that working in about 5 minutes. What I am trying to do is actually code in C#, which is proving to be a bit more challenging than expected. 
I have only about 8 months to get this thing working properly, with a bunch of other projects in between, I will try post as I go on with the project as I noticed there isn’t much development with Robotics that is published online.
Here is a picture of what it looks like so far..

I haven’t managed to give my puppy a name yet, can’t think of anything clever yet.
Here is to hoping that by this time next week I have a Robot that moves!